SketchUp export to indesign


I have a series of 2D drawings I need to export as an .indd file for further work within inDesign. Is there an extension or a technique I can use to work this out?


SketchUp can not export as .indd but many other formats which inDesign can import.

File>Export>2D graphics

choose the format (PNG,JPEG,TIFF etc)


if you wanna edit in InDesign don’t export as raster data but as vector data in the DWG or PDF format… using them textures will not make it through.


It depends on your page size in INDD, especially if you are planning on printing the material from INDD.

If your image is a simple line drawing with flat colours make sure to export it as Vector as @sketch3d_de said .

However if you are unable to do this then export as a PNG as high as possible with 300pi. This does not equate exactly to DPI but it’s close enough. INDD was my main tool when I was freelance for illustration, these images are over 10k*15k pixels for print.

If you need to export as raster (and if exporting at a large canvas size as suggested) then you can turn AA off in the export settings to give you cleaner edges (in some cases).


My preferred method has always been SU to EPS to Illustrator to ID. Seems a but cumbersome but like liamk887 said, when in ID, it’s best to use Vector when possible. One note is that if you have a big model or area you’re importing from SU to AI to ID, it may come in as flattened .eps…which basically removes a lot of the benefits of working with vector graphics. So if I have a big model, either export in pieces in SU or grab smaller groups one at a time in AI and paste directly into page in ID. That way the vector is preserved and all stroke/fill functionality can be directly edited in ID, eliminating need to go back to either SU or AI to make small changes.
See below:

  1. SU to EPS
  2. EPS to AI
  3. Try to paste whole thing at once into ID and it merges as flat eps = no bueno.
  4. Paste smaller sections of model one at a time and vector preserved…let the fun begin!


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