Sketchup does not open DWG plane

In AutoCAD is plane but in sketchup is only lines.

hello. what you are showing is not a plane, it’s a hatch, and that can’t be imported in sketchup. you can convert them to regions, but as I reported in a post it is not importing it nicely. ( Strange way of handling autocad Regions ) You’d better create faces with those hatches boudaries by intersecting or using face creating plugins.

If your profile is correct, I see you are on sketchup 2018, you’d have to check if that version was already able to import autocad regions
(to convert hatch boudaries to regions, use the REGION command in autocad)

Thank You for your answer. I have Sketchup 2021.
I can see now that this is Civil 3D. I do not have AutoCAD and Civil 3D.

You should read this:

That adds another complication: Autocad Civil also creates its own objects, and they cannot be imported into any other application. AutoCad Civil has an “Export to AutoCad” function that can convert these special objects into standard AutoCad geometry.

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