SketchUp creates a lot of unwanted edges when exporting mesh

Hi! I am new to SketchUP, and I noticed that my mesh has a lot of edges after exporting (they are not showing up in hidden geometry). Is there a way to fix this?

The model: kokorlat.skp (51.1 KB)

I have no problems exporting. How did you export?

It depends on the export format. Formats like STL and 3DS only support triangles so the export is always triangulated.

I am using FBX, but tried all formats, no difference.

The triangulation might also be performed by the application you are importing the file into.

I exported FBX using SketchUP Pro 2016, export settings:

If you want less triangulation upon export to different formats, then use radii with less edges in SU as you model. In your images, it looked like you used the default arc segmentation of 12. Try reducing your arc segmentation to the minimum number of edges you require to get by.

One of the magical things SU does is make coplanar faces appear as a single face. But in reality, that coplanar face you see in SU is actually triangulated.

How you choose arc/circle segmentation depends on your requirements - 3D printing many require higher segmentation than general presentation. You’ll have a lot less hidden geometry if your arcs had 3 segments instead of 12.

The first screenshot you posted is not from SketchUp. Do the triangles appear too if you import the file back into SketchUp?

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They are showing up in every format, except .dae, but then if I import it to an another program, the model will be corrupted.

From the Wikipedia on DAE files:

I just figured it out. I have to create a “frame” around round objects/holes, use .dae format, and the model will not be corruped, or have unwanted edges. Thanks for help!

on your original, if you ‘select all’ in the group and use ‘Intersect with Selection’ it then becomes a solid…

I believe doing this will also allow an accepted import…


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