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Hi Guys, My boss has asked me to go and do a course so I can add another service for my customers. I have goggled different courses and have no idea which one would be best to complete. I don’t want to do a 3 day intensive type course I would like to spread it out over a period od time if possible due to my work commitments. I live in Essex but spend most of my time in London could anyone suggest which course would be best to learn please.

can be viewed at your time frame, additionally free too:

If Cambridge is feasible check the SU trainings of Cadsoft Solutions.

Thank you sketch3d_de the first one is really good and helpful for the beginners.

For those interested, I teach an online course on SketchUp. Most of my students are teachers looking for continuing education credits, but it would be appropriate for anyone wishing to learn how to use SketchUp. The class is totally online and students have up to a year to complete it at their own pace.

Course Link


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