Sketchup can not start due to a license error

Sketchup starts on the first try with the above error message.
The program then starts on the second try.
The following was tried:
1.) reinstallation
2.) Modification of the templates
3.) Cleaning the Mac

What else can I do to make the program stable again?
Thanks and best regards

license errors are normally due to the wrong version of SU being installed after the ‘Pro Trial’ version has expired…

Make also has a trial for 30 days, but reverts to Make if that has already run out…

ensure you download the ‘Make’ version, not ‘Pro’…

SU v2017 is not fully compatible with High Sierra as it came out first…


Thanks for the answer
I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded and installed the correct version, Sketchup Make.

SU Version 17.03.116
Download: SketchupMake-2017-3-116-90853-en.dmg

This version with OS High Sierra version 10.13.2. not fully compatible, I have not noticed until then. For a while it seemed to work well and the program immediately opened on the first double-click on the icon.

I’m afraid to plan bigger projects if the program gets off completely.
What can I do ? Is there perhaps another make version to download?

When I uninstall the program and then reinstall it, the splash screen will always show that the trial period for the Pro version is already over, but I can continue working with the make version if I agree …


So what is the problem?

if you need to be ‘fully compatible’ you will need SU v2018 Pro, or downgrade OS X to Sierra or El Capitan…


Do you have a Pro license? If so, you should contact our support department for assistance.

There’s also this Help Center article on troubleshooting license problems:


What the problem is ?
I’m unsure about the error message (see picture).
This message will appear every time you start SU Make for the first time.
If I then start the program by a second double-click everything runs so far.
If it’s just a visual defect due to Mac OS High Sierra, then I can live with it.

However, I have fears that it just stops running.
I think that a Pro version is quite expensive, especially since I do not know if this does not cause problems …


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