SketchUp, but when you're just not into houses

The running gear is by far the most challenging aspect of this build. Each wheel is rolled, and then welded approximately a trillion times… and it has to be done for all 32 road wheels. It’s all downhill from there. Not to mention the road arms, the rotary dampers, and – of course – the tracks. Yay!

Fun times.

The plate likely to be stepped on is all 1/4", while the rest is between 1/8" and 3/16". Considering the square footage involved, the weight adds up fast! The Abrams turret is the size of a decent boat. :laughing:


Sniff… They grow up so fast!

Next thing ya know, they’ll be out driving!


I used to think you house guys had it so easy. Architecture is just straight lines and square corners and simple angles! No compound curves or conic sections or the freaky little details that plague something like an Abrams. Houses are boxes made of squares and rectangles and triangles. Little kids can do it. Everybody knows that drawing houses is the drafting equivalent of lying in a hammock, sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them. So easy. Architects are deadbeats, everyone knows that.

This is why I was actually kinda looking forward to modeling the tank’s exhaust structure.

See? It’s just straight lines and boxes and square edges and 45 degree angles. Like houses and junk. Child’s play.

This is the third time I’ve deleted the model and restarted from scratch. The second time I went outside and yelled at the neighbors.

The thing is it’s still wrong and I’ll probably have to delete and restart yet again.

You can keep your ■■■■ houses! Bah! BAH! I say!



A BugSplat as I was saving a rebuild I was finally satisfied with!

And now it’s GONE!

Is this because I mocked Donovan’s comically alliterative post?

Bah. BAH. I say.

I mean, it’ not your first. ever heard of… saving from time to time ? :upside_down_face:

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But the Bug Splatted as I was saving! The Bug may have Splatted because I was saving.

It’s a dark conspiracy, and I intend to get to the bottom of things, mark my words.

Brand spankin’ new and factory fresh…

So brand spankin’ new and factory fresh it hasn’t even been welded yet! :crazy_face:

Edit: Now with (some) welds…


One other thought just crossed my mind: I don’t know how much you rely on components, but you can right click on a component and save it out separately to disk. If your whole file goes down, the work put into the component file is still there.

I think Chris Rosewarne was going to do a talk at 3D Basecamp called “Component the @#$% out of Everything,” but I think he got COVID and couldn’t come in the last minute.

Edit: Warning, it’s potentially soul crushing to look at his work, but if you haven’t seen it you need to. He’s a movie prop creative:


Chris Rosewarne web site


You’re right, I really need to look at using components. Others have previously made strong cases for this – eg. “You’re an idiot if you don’t use components!” – so it’s probably time for another retraining session.

It was a little frustrating to finally get the model more-or-less right only to then lose it due to a save! :rofl:

Chris Rosewarne doesn’t appear to have been active here in three years and his listed ArtStation page is 404. Some of the people I work with may be in contact with him, so I’ll ask around.

At this point you could slide my soul under a door and not even touch the floor.

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Test-fitted to the lower hull:

Slowly, slowly, sloooowwwwwwly getting there. It almost looks kind of not completely wrong now. Still several light years short of correct, but it’s nowhere near as completely incorrect as it was yesterday. Who knows what progress I’ll make by tomorrow…


Now I have to model this:

I got this far:


If only it was something simple, like a 3D printed steam locomotive. :crazy_face:


My pareidolia sees a Mayan sculpture in that.


“Is it a fish? Is it a brain-damaged cat? Or is it an ancient Central American prophesy about visitors from the stars who came to Earth long ago and built the pyramids? Yeah, it’s aliens. Everything is aliens.” – History Channel

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Good thing I saw that thread just before this – truly ROTFLOL

This is outside my skill set. Looks like a job for Curviloft of Quadface Tools? Looks like maybe something up @Box’s alley.

Good thing I saw that thread just before this

Yeah, the bar just got launched into space! Thanks a bunch, @mikimaus!

This is outside my skill set.

Heh, we’re about to find out if it’s outside mine too!

Looks like a job for Curviloft of Quadface Tools?

I see your lips moving, but…

Have made some progress with it, in between BugSplats! from the perf grille model. :laughing:

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Engine air intake grille, lower section (as per the How to BugSplat! thread):

Not gonna lie, pretty wrung out from this one small component. Must be feeling my age. Time for bed, 'night all.


Couldn’t render this is Desert Yellow without an absolutely horrendous-looking result, so grayscaled it and forced a black background.

Didn’t even bother adding the bigger “volcano” holes to the upper section (on the left of this image) and those on the lower section will be revised, since they’re kind of a joke so far as accuracy goes.

Here’s that pic of the real intake grilles, just for laffs.


It’s the little things.

Finally added the radio antennas and springy mounts. These are the slim profile coils – ie, the wrong ones – but they are easy to draw and I am very lazy. Will obey my OCD and correct them later.


Erred in the other direction.

Third time’s a charm, I hope.


Fourth time was the charm. Or it was the “Meh, close enough” iteration.

Main (dual) SINCGARS antenna were modified. The EPLR antenna in the foreground is the original slim profile coil, as that was correct at the time. This has since been eliminated, and a voodoo black magic box of tricks was installed in its place, but pictured is the Desert Storm era config. Also, I haven’t drawn that new equipment yet…