Sketchup App Wont Display Models

After downloading a large model ~150mb the display app gets stuck on ‘Converting’ for ages then closes.

I’ve tried purging unused components, restarting the iPad then loading the viewer before doing anything else, reinstalling the app - but to no avail.

Is there a known limit to the size of model that the iPad can take? A 1-2mb model works OK.

I’m using an iPad Air 2.

Any hints/tips much appreciated.

I’m having the exact same problem with a 75mb model, on an iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.1.

Also having this issue with an 8mb model now… I’m wondering if it has to do with using a lot of custom textures?

I’m having the same problem on an iPad Air trying to load a 331 mb file. With the mobile viewer I try to load the file, but after trying to load it a few seconds it crashes every single time. This is a Sketchup file sent to me by a customer so I can put together a contract based on their Sketchup drawing. Is there any other app that could view a Sketchup file? I need to be able to read the file, but the Sketchup Mobile viewer is useless to me at this point. I do not have Sketchup, so that is not an option.