Sketchup Animations

Made with Sketchup + Photoshop (and THEA for the last two)

Underway Replenishment




Nice stuff. The first one looks bit inspired by Hayao Miyazaki. Again, these don’t look like what you usually think of as SketchUp output. What generates the animation effects, SketchUp or Photoshop?

Yes there is a lot you can do with Sketchup even without rendering. The top image of the flying ships is simply three images from Sketchup (Profile lines) + (hard shadows) + (regular lines) composited in Photoshop.

The rotors themselves I had on a separate layer in Sketchup, I merely rotated them 15 degrees each time or so and exported as an image. Everything was merged in Photoshop and the animation was created as a simple frame animation (think old school stop motion). The same method was used for the other two animations, the only difference is that I rendered those objects in Thea.

I have a clay render of that scene I did for fun, you can see it here:


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I am currently organising my google drive and trying to get it from 97GB to something closer to 30GB and also backup a load of work onto physical drives. I am finding all kinds of stuff as I go so I will put some on here.

Here is a sketchup animation I made with sketchup and Thea, it’s a bit random. The original GIF is 6.4MB so this one is a bit squished due to compression and has a few distortions.

It looks better here and is on a loop: