Is it possible to orbit a rendered image?

I am new to rendering in Sketchup and am trialing some rendering software. Is rendering designed to be applied to only one view at a time, or is it possible to render a model and then orbit around to find a better view? I’m finding it very tedious to try to determine which view I want before rendering, only to discover that it’s not quite what I wanted (so that I have to adjust the view and start all over).

have a look at LightUp extensions website,…


Generally a rendered image is basically just a picture so no, you can’t orbit. There are some rendering applications, though, that auto-update as you orbit or zoom or otherwise work in Sketchup. Each time the camera stops they begin rendering again. You might look into some of those. LightUp, etc.

I think with practice, though, you’ll get it figured out.

I use Kerkythea for rendering and although I start with a scene in SketchUp to establish a camera position, I sometimes move the camera or make a new one in Kerkythea. It’s not a big problem for me.

You can create a SketchUp animation and then export the scenes using KerkyThea. This sets them up for batch rendering. If you need 30 frames a second and want 10 seconds of play, for example, you need to render 300 images. KerkyThea will work through the 300 files and render them as separate images. When done, you can combine them into an animated GIF or MP4 movie.

True. You can create rendered animations but that isn’t quite the same as orbiting as if you’re in SketchUp.

Thanks for the info.

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