Sketchup and Classification Systems

I’m working on a theory…I’m working with a millwork company that has a very diverse product offering and I would like to be able to build a sketchup library for design presentation that would allow me to export a report that shows each product and all its data points. This report will be used to build that project in production software like Cabinet Vision for cabinets, AlphaCAM for CAD/CAM, and similar.

I have been batting this around in my head for a bit. I don’t want the Sketchup library to be objects that are detailed down to screws and dowels. I just want enough detail for decent 2D drawings and 3D models for rendering. Where I do want the detail is in attributes and classifications.

I have a bit of experience in working with attributes and can see that as the path forward but in playing around with parts, groups and components I have seen this “Type” drop down in the Entity info box. There I learned about classification systems like IFC and that is intriguing to me in that I can ID every part.

My question is which system fits what I’m doing? Are classifications worth the time for an internal system that won’t be shared with outside contractors/designers/architects? Additionally has anyone ever created a classification system for millwork, furniture and cabinets?

Unless you have a way to export them, I wouldn’t invest time in creating your own classifications just for your own use. The data won’t get exported natively. You will need to create an exporter, as well. Otherwise, it won’t show anywhere else but in SketchUp.

You can assign any attribute to a Dynamic Component, though. And have it exported through File->Generate Report.
Or get fabber, and get to work