Sketchup and Citrix lag issues

Anyone know of a solution that can stop the constant lag when using Sketchup 2019 in a Citrix Remote Access environment?

What lags?
Downloading stuf?
Signing in/out?

Virtual environments are not supported, in fact they are prohibited by the eula for personal licenses, officially. The reason being that you cannot see who is beyond the screen, so to speak and how many of them are there…
Network licenses are more suitable for this, it just counts the number of activations without needing to know who is beyond.

Most lagging is built in by the IT-department for their own security reasons, not to protect SketchUp’s intrests.

If you are connecting to your standard office computer via a remote desktop system the lags can happen for a multitude of reasons, performance in the computer you are connecting to, connection speed etc.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to test SketchUp on a Citrix-based virtual machine system that used special Nvidia hardware for the graphics. Working with it showed no significant lags with my small models even when using a 3G phone as a WIFI hub to connect to the system with a lowish-spec laptop. The virtual machines were given resources that matched a then current portable workstation computer.