Laggy SketchUp Pro 2022

Hello everyone,

I am an Architectural Visualization 3D designer for a startup hospitality company. We acquire, renovate, and operate properties such as hotel complexes and short term rental vacation homes. We 3D model each property as-is and then we use that model to visualize and construct the renovations. I am trying to find the best way to model entire properties, including the materials, furnishings, and fixtures, without too much lag. We have been using SketchUp + Enscape for a couple years, however, the program is lagging significantly when I am working with models that have hundreds of thousands of faces.
I have done research and found that many others are facing this problem as well. We chose SketchUp because all the tools are designed with building scale in mind and I can work in feet and inches to model a property in SketchUp with near 100% accuracy. We also like that we can walk around the model in realtime using Enscape. To try to reduce the lag, we have turned off profiles and edges in the Style menu, disabled shadows, set face style to shaded without textures, lowered anti aliasing, used lower resolution textures, used components where applicable, and used 3rd-party plugins to reduce geometry. We even upgraded to an ultra high-end computer, but with little success.

Can anyone advise me on how I can continue working with SketchUp without so much lag? Or do you recommend switching to a program that is more suitable for highly detailed models? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You’ve tried the basic things, so let’s try some more advanced problem solving…but we need a model to do that.

Can you share something?

Please provide exact profile info, it may be critical to your situation.

Look at how @JustinTSE uses the proxy feature in Escape to solve the problem. The important part starts at around 2:50: