Sketchup 8 Pro vs 2014


Anyone have experience with both Sketchup 8 Pro and 2014?
What are important differences and is it worth the upgrade?
Does the upgrade license expire?

Thanks for any advice.


Sketchup 2014 is much faster, and Layout is very much faster.
Sketchup 2014 has ruby 2.0 which results in faster and better plugins.


Hey Huck, long time no see.

Official pages:

License types and pricing

SketchUp Release Notes
SketchUp 2014 has all or what is listed under version 8, 2013 and 2014.

Extension Warehouse integration was added in 2013. (Also customizable toolbars in MS Windows.)

SketchUp 2014 new features (IFC, Classifications, Ruby 2.0, etc.)


Of course now you’d want to upgrade to SketchUp 2015.
Click the red box and choose “SketchUp 2015” and you’ll see SketchUp has gone 64bit !
64bit !
Faster Face Finding
Fast Styles
Native Rotated Rectangle Tool
Native 3-Point Arc Tool
Overhauled Layout Label Tool
Better Licensing Framwork