Sketchup 8 32-bit rendering engines


Hi everybody :slightly_smiling:

I’m just getting into rendering using Sketchup. I tried Brighton 3D, iRender nXT and Ariel Vision. So far, ArielVision seems to work the best. Apparently, iRender nXT is a 64-bit program. My System is a 32-bit. So that would explain why iRender nXT doesn’t work to well. I’m trying to find a rendering addoon that doesn’t cost $800+ dollars (that can be used for home enthusiasts), and is fairly uncomplicated. Most of the addons for Sketchup ARE either only for professionals or just too complicated to use. Plus, the other thing that doesn’t help, is that there is very little instructional material for these softwares. What IS in the internet doesn’t explain the features too well. Unless you pay $30000+ to go to school to learn this stuff. Which again, takes away the creative enjoyment from home enthusiasts !

Gary Stanullwich