Sketchup 2024 Warehouse

Hi There,

I’ve been using Sketchup for a long time now and when I recently updated to 2024, I find that the new warehouse has reverted back to some old features and I’m not quite sure if that is just what it is or if there is something I need to change to access the warehouse in a more efficient manor.

My key issues are when I search, the models and products are bundled together and I can’t view them separately and when I scroll down and “load more” it automatically scrolls back to the top and I need to slowly scroll through to find my place in my search.

I can’t seem to find any settings to change these and I haven’t seen any posts about people having the same or similar issues. Hoping I can get some clarity here.

Thanks in advance for your help!

This isn’t specific to SketchUp 2024.

Click on Filters at the top right and then choose to show only what you want.

This has been reported and a feature request was made to change this behavior.


@DaveR is correct… there is a active bug on the load more issue and we are investigating for a fix. Thanks.
Also see 3D Warehouse problems


Thanks Dave! Really appreciate the help and good to know on the second issue it’s been reported. It’s been driving me crazy!