SketchUp 2024 slow viewing existing prev 2023 models

I have also been noticing more lag in 2024 and it’s nuanced because on light models the fps certainly seems higher but as the model gets heavy, it really seems to get more bogged down than prior in selecting and editing geometry.

I suspect it’s less with the viewport rendering itself and more with how the models are being processed on the backend.

Somebody mentioned in here of the engine that is being used recently and I checked the website for it and I recall thinking it was wrapper that allowed for easy translation between all the different systems and that was why they were able to migrate to mobile and apple. The negative of that is if it is a wrapper then there is likely a performance penalty as things get translated between different codes and that will get exacerbated as the code gets larger and more things are needed to be done at the same time.

Hi jlo1 thanks for your help.
I don’t seem to have preferences under the tools menu.

you are right.
WINDOW - preferences…

That worked.
SU2024 is the same speed as 2023 now. Very usable.
I gonna play with the other graphics options to see if I can squeeze some more FPS.

Much Thanks!


No additional speed improvements noticed with other graphics preferences.
Sticking with:

for SU2024 speedup to SU2023.

I am not well versed with the internals of SketchUp but I would guess that the new graphics engine is designed to benefit from advances in new graphics hardware so the benefits would not be very great with integrated graphics. Note that the new graphics feature, Ambient Occlusion only works with the new graphics engine so you have to make do with the speed decrease if you want to use it. The good thing for you is that both work with your computer.

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and to add, you can use the new engine and simply turn off ambient occlusion in the styles setting and presumably get a slight lift in fps compared to the old engine.

(which I still think is separate from the handling of large geometry being slower)

Yes, we currently still use SketchUp 2021. We had SketchUp 2024 installed on one of our computers to assess the benefits of switching to the new 2024 version or not.
As you pointed out, I’ve updated the information on my profile, the machine in question runs Windows 11 Pro, with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.
When you mention that there is only a 3-year support, please could you provide more information on what the consequences would be for users who would choose not to upgrade it?
Thank you.

well then off course you lost direct access to the warehouse and various stuff SU21 uses an old chromium version that is not supported anymore. the services in questions are webpages embedded in SU.
to give you an idea, SU21 uses a chromium version from mid / late 2020. so 3 and a half year support.
netflix has a 2 year support of chromium.

the warehouses are still available, still for free, but in your browser, providing it has a modern enough chromium. if you’ve updated it at least once since mid 2020 you should be fine.

more about it here

Thank you very much, that’s really helpful information I will forward to the rest of the team!
There is only one more thing I wanted to ask, the new Cloud-sharing is a particularly exciting new feature for us, but from our understanding so far it seems anyone with the link could theoretically access privileged information, is there currently any suggestions about how to work around this?
I apologize for any unintended misuse of the forum, if there is a different place to discuss this would you mind directing me to the correct place, please?
Thank you again!

No workaround but others have brought this to Trimble’s attention. They are thinking on it.
This subject deserves its own discussion thread. Many would want to weigh in.