Sketchup 2023 with Layout 2024 one license

I was wondering if if anyone knows how to use Sketchup 2023 and Layout 2024 at the same time without buying another license?

The new Layout is awesome but SKP24 doesn’t support all the plugins I’m using yet. Cheers and thx!

install sketchup 2023. log in.
install sketchup 2024. log in.

work your 3d in sketchup 2023.
work your 2d in layout 2024.

just like that :slight_smile:
you can be connected on 2 version. so… yeah.

Thx, but I think this doesn’t work with the subscription plan. See screenshot where I’m logged into SKP23 and trying to open SKP24.

I described to you how the subscritpion plan works.

see on the right panel ? you need to sign in.

If it doesn’t work, you need to sign out, then on in your profile, you can deauthorise everything, and come back and sign is in both.

a subscription comes with 2 simultaneous activations. it can be on 2 machines. or it can be 2 versions on one machine. at the same time.

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“Deauthorize All” worked – I had to do it for Layout and Sketchup in the ‘My Products’ area.

yeah, it’s a bit brutal, but it works :slight_smile:

the only thing with what you’re trying to do is that right clicking on a viewport in layout 24 and opening the model in sketchup will open sketchup 24.

so you’ll have to do it manually, open the file in SU23, save then update in layout.

other than that, it should work fine for the time being.

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