Sketchup 2023 on OS 13.3.1 keeps freezing, available memory does not appear to be a problem 15.7 MB file

Sketchup 2023 on OS 13.3.1 keeps freezing, available memory does not appear to be a problem 15.7 MB file. 2017 Macbook pro

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

032823_new design outer walls.skp (15.0 MB)

It performs OK on my machine. I did find a little incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 4_25_2023 , 10_46_06 AM

I purged unused and reduced the size of a few excessively large texture file. I also edited the style and turned off Profiles. These changes should make it easier on your graphics card. The cleanup also reduced the file size a bit (about 26%). See if this one performs better for you.
032823_new design outer walls purged.skp (11.0 MB)

Thanks, this seems to have fixed the problem. How did you reduce the texture file size?

I used Material Resizer which is available in the Extension Warehouse.

What has the biggest impact? The texture file? I did not realize that profiles could be a graphics hog.

Profile edges can be a big impact because your GPU has to constantly figure out which edges need to be displayed as profile edges as you zoom, orbit, and pan. The GPU also has to process texture images in the same way and large texture images require more work from the GPU. When you have a relatively low-performing GPU such as your Radeon Pro 560 you need to give it every advantage you can. You can also work with the Face Style set to Monochrome so that the graphics card doesn’t have to process the textures at all. Once the model is ready for output you can display the textures.

Thanks very much for your help. I am investing in a new Macbook, it seems the graphic card has a greater impact then memory. Although more memory will always help?

Memory (RAM) is important but the graphics card is the pass through to output. If you have a huge crowd trying to exit through a small door it’s neccesarily going to be slow.

It’s not just SU’s fault. you’re running Ventura on an old model of macbook pro of 2017, they are the oldest machines that can have it.
Newer OS are optimised for newer machines, meaning older machines, in addition to slowly degrade and slow up, may have issues running them. Couple years back, after updating to 10.15 I ended up rolling back to 10.13, more stable on my old imac.

so you might have a deadly combo fighting you, older machine with recent OS not totally optimised for the gear, plus a SU file with a few issues. And SU has also been optimised for the new CPU.

as of a new machine, mac I assume, the current models are way ahead of the 2017 ones. pay the extra RAM, since you can’t add it later. but basically any model of M1 and later will do the job