Sketchup 2021 Pro, Fredo6 issue

Hi there

I have a problem in sketchup pro 2021, while using fredo6 animator as an add-on.
My file shuts down everytime when i work on it, since the last update (see image).
I can also not work because everytime when i move my model shuts down.
And my CPU was also at 90%.
I already use nvidia 2000 as preference in Openg GL.


Hey @vtran: did you update SketchUp yesterday or this morning? We just released a new update, so we’re keen to know what exact version number you are using. You can see the version number by going to Help > About SketchUp


Hey Mark

I have this version.

Do you see any bugsplat windows? If you do, can you send one of them in?