SketchUp 2021 doesn't connect to internet

Hi, I’ve just installed SketchUp 2021 Studio version (educational) and although it lets me sign in, it won’t let me connect to the Warehouse. Says I need an internet connection. Never had this problem before, any idea what I can do? I’m on Windows 10 and have Microsoft Edge explorer installed, although it isn’t my default (Firefox is -but I never had trouble with this with earlier versions).

Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is did you right click on the downloaded installer and select run as administrator?

I just hit defaults on everything …if I didn’t select run as an admin, is that fixable?

There is a giant AWS outage today in North America. For me it has broken Trimble Connect, but has not broken 3DWH. Still, it’s not a particularly auspicious day to upgrade…

Yes. Make sure SketchUp and LayOut are closed, find the installer in your Downloads folder. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator. If you are prompted, choose the Repair option. No matter what, this should make sure you have SketchUp installed correctly.

As Brian points out, there’s a huge AWS outage today and that may also have an impact. I’m supposed to be in an area affected by that outage but I’m not having any difficulty.

No. No need.

Ok, I just did it -right clicked, run as admin, clicked repair …still won’t connect. Tells me I require an internet connection. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to see if the AWS is the problem?

Yeah. Probably a good idea. If nothing else, you have things properly installed.Hopefully Amazon will have things fixed up soon.

Ok, thanks! About the repair, did it find something off in the original installation? Is that why I saw Repair as an option?

That doesn’t detect any errors in the installation but due to the way Windows permissions work, using the Run as administrator option allows the program to install file where they need to be. The alternative to Repair was Uninstall. The repair is just a precaution. We’ve seen lots of issues caused by incorrect installation. Some of these issues are kind of strange and sometimes don’t show up immediately.

Still not working! Do you know if AWS is back up and running?

According to a link shared by @colin, it does appear to be back up and running. Try clearing the Chrome caches, restart your computer and try again. Colin might have some further suggestions.

Clearing the Chrome cache did it! Wow! I’d have never thought of that! Thanks! What does Chrome have to do with this? I thought IE was the default browser, not anymore?

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Glad you got it sorted.

Chrome has been the default for several years. IE isn’t supported by Windows anymore.

That’s right -I guess I meant Edge. So Chrome is the default and was the problem. Thanks again!

Edge has never been used by SketchUp.

The problem was with a file in the Chrome caches, not with Chrome itself. Probably a cookie.