SketchUp 2020 has landed!

@Box And I’ll bet you’ve been using it for more than a few days. You’d be my “go to guy” if I wanted testing done. :wink:

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First check if all the extensions you use are also already working with 2020.


…just curious “why” you hope you’ll no longer need to set up scenes in SketchUp? Considering LO is just fine when used for doing lay out work…?

If I understand you correctly…

Because, e.g. if you have a workflow like Mike Brightman’s or Nick Sonder’s or your own then you have scenes set up in SU to enable you to effect construction documentation in LO.

Already I have reduced my SU scenes by a factor 3 (I hope my maths is correct!) in 2020 by turning tags on or off in my LO stacked viewports instead.

Because it’s a quite backward workflow to have to go to the 3d model to edit the 2d presentation. Scenes in SketchUp is great if you want to save views for later use within SketchUp, but setting up scenes solely to use in LayOut is quite cumbersome, and not at all intuitive to new users.


I can appreciate where your going with this. It would make perfect sense to use SU solely for working on the model and all visualization and documentation would be in LO. The problem I have with trying to get there right now is the fact that LO can barely function with the workload it has now. So don’t you think some exponential improvements in LO performance should come first? Layout is a huge buzz kill for a lot of people. And I think it drags SU down.


I guess I’ve been lucky. That or my models are not so complex.

I can remember, perhaps, 5 or so years ago often seeing the yellow exclamation against viewports and waiting for several minutes or more for viewports to update, but since then viewports have generally been quite speedy.

I recently got a new PC to replace a 6 year old system and I’m finding the reload function in SU and the model update in LO being much faster - about a second no more.

My models must be simple…?

I don’t see any reason to choose. Developers can work on performance while product managers and designers works on improved UI (with a little help of developers).

Yes, Autocad can.
That is the sense of layers in Autocad.
That’s what Layers in Autocad are used for

Thanks Sketchup Team for the update! :slight_smile:

Is there a plugins/tools/icons setup type file we we can copy over from 2019 to 2010 folders?

Ian, see this for how I migrate to a new version.


OK, I’m a little slow, I’ve not found these tools; where are these batch tools, and better yet what are their names?

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From Sketchucation is a plugin called Extension Store, found HERE
Log in to the extension warehouse and click on your icon in the upper right corner, this will take you to your downloads . They may not all be there, the warehouse is a WIP.

Did you even read the comment following the one you quoted.

The Extension Warehouse did have the ability to auto install all your previously installed Extensions, it was removed very recently.
Sketchucation still has this option.

Lets not get into who needs educating on what.


Why must every version of SU require deep knowledge to migrate extensions and settings?
I installed SU 2020 and updated my Classic License so now it opens. But all my extensions from Placemaker to Solid Inspector are gone. Oh heck, here’s the list:
How do I get these installed from SU 2019, which, thankfully, is still installed on my iMac?
I managed to get Eneroth Center of Mass to show up in the Extensions tab, but not the rest.

Hmmph, it seems Engineering Toolbox is not compatible with SU 2020:

I managed to search out and install the other .rbz’s
Now, onto the menu options…
OK, the model seems to work right, though I’m not ditching my SU 2019 just yet.

The Engineering Toolbox seems to work anyway, even though it’s not rated to in SU 2020. Now onto the main 712mb model…
Then Layout.
OK, the model seems to work right, though I’m not ditching my SU 2019 just yet.
But how do I get rid of these new gridlines in Layout 2020? Hiding Gridlines does not work. I never saw or used these in 2019.

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Please be respectful of help being offered gratis.

You can always write the batch yourself, then post it here for all to benefit.


Usually this just means the deeloper hasn’t marked the extension as compatible yet. Extension using complied code, typically renderers and other extensions doing heavy calculations, are usually not compatible with newer versions. Other extensions most often are.


Can a member of the SU team confirm that those of us happily using 2018 Pro can no longer use the 3D Warehouse unless we upgrade? Thanks