SketchUp 2020 and Catalina

Mac Book Pro late 2013

Running SketchUp 2019 latest version
Running MacOS Mojave latest version
SketchUp 2019 up to date
MacOS Mojave up to date
All are performing well

I see SketchUp 2020 available
I usually wait until March to upgrade MacOS
Should I upgrade to Catalina first
then upgrade to Skp 2020?
Or should I upgrade to Skp 2020 first?

Please let me know when it is safe to upgrade to MacOS Catalina and Skp 2020
I would rather wait than be sorry

Like you, I tend to let things settle down before upgrading.

My Mac is a year older than yours but runs SU2020 just fine. I haven’t moved up to Catalina yet, mainly because I am not sure I will gain much from doing so. It seems to be the thing with operating systems now that they have to be updated yearly, whether or not there is anything useful to add. Last time round, countless hours of production time were spent, millions of dollars, and we ended up with … Dark Mode! It’s a bit like Deep Thought (brain the size of a planet) taking millennia to work out the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, only to have to report “you’re not going to like it…”


Thanks for your reply
I do mostly agree with your thoughts
Catalina does have some features
Like Reminders that I would like to use
Based on your experience
I will consider upgrade to Skp 2020 soon
Thanks again

I’ve been running Catalina and SketchUp 2020 for awhile now with no problems. Though Catalina has other issues. It broke my bluetooth connection to Bose which has yet to be fixed by Bose or Apple. So that’s frustrating. Side Car though is a cool feature though which is why I upgraded to Catalina in the first place. Hope that helps some.

Mac’s prior to 2015 cannot play with sidecar😢

Hi, What mouse do you use? I am using the 3DConnexion and they are always a bit flakey with new versions of macOS and SU. Ok once it settles. Just asking.

Just a regular old Logitech bluetooth one. No problems there. I heard someone else had a problem with the space mouse and Catalina. Best to check 3DConexion for confirmation if/when support is available.