Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


If the model isn’t super secret would love to have a poke and see how it performs over my four vastly different Mac/PC machines?

Ive got a 16GB Quadro, 2*6GB 980ti, 2GB integrated intel and 2GB GTX all with 16GB Ram but the Quadro has only 8 but so far seems to eat everything I throw at it, impressive for a laptop! It’s pants at rendering however.


It’s up to Scott to say, but I think that while it isn’t ‘super-secret’ he doesn’t want to make it public just yet. Sorry.


No problem!


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SketchUp 2018 Wish List

My Wishlist:

  • Faster project loading and overall system speed improvement
  • Support for larger datasets
  • Support for linked models and ability to toggle on/off while developing a project
  • Support point cloud data
  • Build integrations with Autodesk Revit, ReCap, and Infraworks
  • Real-time high-res rendering (think Lumion, Twinmotion, Enscape, Live)
  • Support for Individual and Group VR, with Scenes, Tweening, and Mark-up, on both desktop and web
  • Support for external GPU processing
  • Integration of high-quality GIS data, perhaps rekindle the flame with Google or meet a new friend at ESRI
  • Develop a plug-in for Revit to enable two-way model authoring and retain BIM meta-data
  • Provide filters for parsing Revit content that could be used in lieu of or in combination with the layer tools
  • Enable toolbar option via right-click menu, in lieu of going through ten menu clicks
    Thanks for listening!

SketchUp 2018 Wish List

thanks Sam, Christina for both your helpful replies… excuse my tardiness

  1. More control over inferencing functionality; Turn on/off snaps, select snap types to have on, select ortho angles, etc.

  2. Corner grips on group/component boxes to allow you to select their bounds easily and immediately.

  3. Copy at point - instead of just placing objects at the bounds automatically when you paste from the clipboard, you can select a reference point with the mouse to copy from. Next time you place, you place from that point.

  4. A selection function that lets you select elements through groups and components - similar to Adobe Illustrator’s direct select tool.
    This would be useful when you have a complex object like cabinetry… with a counter top, doors, hinges, base boards, side boards, etc - all on different groups. And all you want to do is move the counter top up 20mm; without having to go into 5 to 6 different sub components to resize them individually.

  5. Layer folders - larger more complex models can become unwieldly to work with when you have 50 layers and have to turn 10-20 layers off for each task you need to deal with. Let us group them into folders, and allow them to be turned on and off in layer groups.


I think I have a pretty esoteric request for a feature. I created a robot using the Sketchup 2018 drawing program. You can see some of these robot drawings at the 3D Warehouse under my model collection name: Pistonrobot. I want the robot to move around and get into a variety of poses so I can show just how similar this robot is to a human in its motion and stance abilities. Posing it in Sketchup is so tedious because every single piece movement must be individually entered. I wanted to import the Sketchup drawing into AutoDesk Maya because Maya (through use of rigging and constraint capabilities) makes it very easy to move robot type structures via IK principles and even make movies. I can import the robot models pretty easily using the commercial program of Sketchup to Maya from SimLabSoft (SKP To Maya 2018 v7). I have some of these imports at my website Some Pistonrobot Maya project files (downloadable): . I find navigating in Maya so complex, mostly because I am new to Maya. I sure wish I could create, insert, and position Maya rigging joints, including specifying all the attributes of these joints while inside Sketchup. Navigating in Sketchup is just so easy. Then when the model is imported via the SimLabSoft product: SimLab SKP To Maya 2018 v7, the effect would be that the Sketchup model is now in Maya and rigged and ready to go. I feel you may be surprised how many people would enjoy this. pg


Use BetterTouchTool. You can program the Magic Mouse to have a middle click as well as many other things.


Well I did my own testing and came up with these results comparing the colour RGBs on the materials swatch and the object faces - hope it helps

PS I found the Light = 0 , Dark = 80 the best match with and without shadows.


Yup, these are the values. The color shown on screen are based on the RGB color of the material, but with each channel adjusted by light value, dark value and angle between the face normal and the direction of the light. The light value affects how much extra light is added based on orientation, so setting it to 0 makes the color independent of orientation. In addition to dark there is a hidden base value of 20, making 80 add up to 100 (percent), meaning the exact color defined by the material is drawn to screen.



  • a class system like vectorworks have, as an option to better manage the content.
  • better layer control
  • some good plugins built direct in sketchup (mirror, round corner, vertex tools, shapes, …) see plugins from fredo6
  • maybe quads as standard mesh operation and/or translation into standard current mesh
  • more speed & speed & speed
  • better and more stable mac version
  • egpu support
  • support for gpu (not only cpu)
  • maybe its possible to support apple metal or chronos group vulkan
  • a simple light tool for dynamic shadow calculation
  • real circles, arcs etc. and organic shapes (not splitted)
  • better organisation of the open plugins in macOS (snappable, show icon & text, … whatever)
  • i have not no mouse-over info in macOS (plugin icons)



Is Sketchup 2019 going to be a real release? Or is this the tentative name we are giving it? I am interested in renewing our maintenance agreement but if there is no 2019 release that would be a deal breaker. If this is for real when is the date even a rough estimate would work.


I would imagine any release announcements will be at or around Basecamp at the end of September.


There are no guarantees, but from what I’ve seen there is usually a release about November.


Features I’d like are as follow:

The shortcut settings window to be expandable (like normal PC windows), so we can see the list of command/stools easier. At present you have to search using a fiddly little scroll bar which if you have a lot of plugins/extensions loaded is terrible to scroll with.

Allow the mouse scrolling wheel to allow scrolling in this same commands/tools/actions window. I know there is a search bar there to use, but these two simple things would be great.


This list is excellent.

  1. An option to manually sort component attributes, or at very least an option to sort alphanumerically. Right now they are auto sorted temporally, which in complex models with many components is very hard to keep track of components in.

  2. More efficient 3D printing model prep features. It takes me hours to convert a model into something that will print clean. Maybe this needs to be in the form of an improved outer shell feature.

  3. Global Reverse Faces: Should be able to select all faces on one side of a model and basically point to which direction is out vs. in and autocorrect any faces that aren’t oriented properly. Or maybe just select an area with many faces and then have the option to select only or deselect any faces oriented one way or another, which would allow you to much more efficiently select all the faces oriented the wrong way (without selecting the ones facing the right way) and then reverse faces to get them all corrected.

  4. More user friendly way to store uploaded materials/textures. It’s not very intuitive the way it currently works.

  5. A tool that could draw a line along a determined axis between two points. If I start drawing a line and I know I want it to just run straight until it touches the next intersection/line/feature, it would be great if I could just hit a button and it would auto finish the line. This would be especially helpful if I’m trying to connect a line to a point that requires me to orbit and scroll to bring into view. I could just use the tool and save seconds per action.

  6. Better OBJ exporting options. More often than not it seems that when I export an OBJ it adds a lot of diagonal lines, which often ruin the aesthetic of the model.

  7. Better integration with social media. If SketchUp is going to be more public facing and accessible to the mainstream, it’s got to be easier to share with people who don’t have SketchUp. I’d like to be able to upload models directly to Facebooks newer (and albeit limited) 3D viewer straight from SketchUp.

  8. Better Annotation Abilities. The arrows and text are just really basic and force you to load models into other programs if you want to be able to create diagrams that are professional looking. SketchFab has an okay annotations feature with some cool API applications, so maybe follow what they’re doing?

  9. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality mode. I know SketchUp’s focus isn’t rendering models, but I think this is a huge missed opportunity. SketchFab has a button you can push on any model that puts it into virtual reality mode. SketchUp should do the same and add an Augmented Reality mode.

  10. Partnership, or at least some form of relationship, with mapping location-based programs. There should be some features to auto integrate MapBox content into SketchUp and vice versa.

  11. Improved Texture Editing. If I upload an image that has portions of transparency (say a mural on a building that has portions that are just plain brick, I need to be able to manipulate that transparency differently than the paint - especially when using it in a rendering platform. Maybe a select by color code feature? Here’s an example of a model that I have this problem with:

On the side with the squid or around the asparagus tree, I need to be able to paint the see through portions the same color as the unpainted brick so that it registers as the same material and performs like the other brick.

In this model, it just makes the building look see through:


Have you tried the smustard centerpoint plugin, this plugin I use more than any other plugin …it works better than any of the center point plugins …IMO


Have you tried Orient Faces? Select one example face that’s right way round, right click and pick Orient Faces. Doesn’t always work 100% but mostly it does.

It’s contextual, and disappears when more than one face is selected. There are interface gurus who preach that such disappearing commands are bad design; it’s better to keep it in the list and grey it out as unavailable where appropriate rather than have it disappear.