Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests



I would like to select a texture color as the section color. Not only solid colors!
This way I can use widely used pattern hatches on technical drawings.


If you type a calculation as distance, Sketchup should be able to calculate the Distance.
For example 100-18 = 92 mm This way you can quickly get the right distance. A lot of plugins have this already !!


It would be really nice to have an auto update feature for references in LAYOUT.
Now you have to go into a menu for this, a lot of clicking to get an updated version of the model.
Whem opening a layout file the question is asked, so this should apply all the time to a file, or at lease a button in the menubar (not only in right mouse menu). It would be nice if you could disable this feature ON/OFF, like the auto render option.


I would like to select a texture as a default color for foreground and background. Not only solid colors!
This way I can quickly change a color in a drawaing (replace by default color)


It would be nice to be able to select the default color(s) in the color panel.


LOL sounds like issues with the CAD operators and not the CAD program itself :wink: I would guess that “exploded hatches” gives this away.


Given that we are probably close to the release of the 2019 product (December 6,2018), maybe we should have a new thread with a title : “2020 feature requests”


well yes and no, the basic structure of autocad with its generic interface forced every user to customise it to make useable and of course everyone customised it differently hence the chaos…

in contrast for example… archicad had/has a very tight interface with few options for users to tweek which tends to reduce variations in how people use it. (also easier training and support)

Some context ;;;; I customised the (Autocad LT ) interface for 100 users in our architects office on its first release and we used that for almost 20 years, I was also responsible for evaluating and introducing Archicad… and finally and reluctantly introducing Revit forced by its market dominance and Autodesks pricing and licensing policies that would not allow us to continue with LT.

PS… I also introduced SU to our office as soon as it was released and promoted it heavily , particularly for the design architects


SO, WHERE IS SU2019?! All aerlier versions where released sep-okt-nov…


See thread on the release of SU2019 anticipation here.


“Forced” users to customize it? OK, gonna disagree there. Perhaps the ability to customize as well as the ability to write custom routines (lisp etc) put it ahead of the others. Been using Acad since '89 (tech school and college) and professionally since '96. I’ve the seen the full range of “great drawings” to “WTF where you doing”. Also seen ■■■■ from PowerCADD, VectorWorks, ArchiCAD, VersaCAD, etc… I also think that more users will increase the numbers of users with bad habits or that learned it incorrectly. Is it a perfect system? Hell no, none of them are. I have about 6 users in my current dept that show what I would consider bad habits every now and then. I do my best to try to show them what I would consider better practices. Some bad habits are easier to break than others. Anyway I don’t think it the fault of the system just the user.
Also you Archicad as an example but it has a specific purpose (architecture) while vanilla Acad can be used in a wider array of design/engineering work. Double-edge sword perhaps? /shrug


when did anyone every operate Autocad out of the box…?

it is completely unusable without user customisation -
and every user customises it differently…
so every user operates it differently… recipe for chaos

for example… AutoCAD default settings are imperial [being american, eg hatch pattern scales, linetype scales, plot scales]
now install AutoCAD in a metric country; if you do not immediately set up you parameters for metric you will start to define imperial parameters in your drawing…
insert that drawing into someone who has correctly established [customised] a metric environment and chaos prevails…
that is only one small sample, the software does not encourage, implement or enforce good user practice…

and I stand by my point - you cannot operate Autocad productively out of the box and the chaos stems for basic structure
now, granted I started using Autocad in R12… and have not used it for 15 years, I used Draftsight or similar alternatives and ribbons / icon may have improved interface consistency…

but I bet every autocad user has a myriad of keyboard shortcuts that most likely don’t match other users shortcuts and the software does not encourage consistency…


Who’s saying that one has too? They are not forced to but choose to make it work for their needs.


I’ll give you a features request, being able to try it out would be a feature in itself at this point, just release the software already!!’s just great when loyal fans (and paying customers) of software are wholly ignored by the developer and not remotely kept in the loop. It’s just not good enough. If I ran the company I’d have been on here most weeks giving updates and getting everyone enthused by the upcoming release. I’d engage them to see what was REALLY needed and wanted by the fans/customers. Imagine how enthused you’d be if you felt you’d had some influence (no matter how tiny) on the direction of the development of the tool of your trade…But that’s just not the ways it’s done now, is it. They’ll (all software developers) only realise this when the ship has sailed.

Imagine if Trimble had said “we’ve decided to fully rewrite the code for Layout making it much, much snappier with way better inferencing, better text and dim control and we’ve also added a much slicker reference manager which also has layer control”… The place would be giddy with excitement, word would spread, positive vibes abound, alternative software orders go on hold …yeah, I knows it’s a pipe dream, but imagine if we knew what was coming, and it was actually what most of us wanted and needed!!

I know I’m a dreamer…


Yeah, me too thinks that SU 2019 should be focussed 99% on improving SU Layout. You´re not the only dreamer…


So you basically have no idea about what you are talking about? Haven’t used it in 15 years but are an expert in it’s “problems”? Go it :wink:
Started with R9 Dos and used every version since. Pardon me if I don’t take much stock in your opinions on Acad.




yep that works - And sketchup should be able to export its groups back to Autocad layers!