Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


There isn’t a new physics simulator. It was a feature request. Sorry if I was misleading. Totally unintentional. :sweat_smile:


You had my hopes going there for a moment…


As long as an extension doesn’t contain binary code that needs to be re-compiled for each new Ruby version, there isn’t any good reason for it to break in a newer version. As long as it sticks to documented API, doesn’t really on assumptions and small hacks, and use somewhat conventional code it sould typically just keep working.


I love SketchUp’s extensions, but I was just voicing something I think my drafting professor once told me. I’m probably remembering it a bit different because it was so long ago, but yeah… We used mainly AutoCAD and some SketchUp Pro (with student discounts). I always preferred SketchUp.


like Painting in SketchUp?

:see_no_evil: A physicist would want the slider to scale the sun diameter (or light source)…

That includes already a suggestion for implementation. You don’t need a single reflection map. In fact game engines dynamically generate reflection maps for each object at run time (using classic rasterization or nowadays ray tracing). SketchUp could even do that.

What you want is more realistic visuals (with preference on smooth shadows and reflection). People could still choose external renderers for highly photorealistic output, but I agree that simple effects also have value for quick 2D exports or for hand-drawn post-processing.


I would love to see the materials engine overhauled, something that could read Substance Designer files…


If implementing some sort of reflections inside SketchUp is feasible, that would be a nice improvement.

I’d also like a better way to represent frosted or patterned glass better, though I can’t say I’ve made an exhaustive effort with the current version.


Interesting ideas.

As the basic functionality of SU lends itself very well to concept design (my speciality), the visual quality occurring during the design process can be quite valuable.

I have explored painting SU imports in PhotoShop but found it a bit cumbersome. A simple set of painting tools in SU (probably with its own layer structure) could be quite worthwhile. I haven’t tried “Painting in SU”, posted by Aerillus.

I’m not sure on the technical aspects, but as far as I remember, SU already applies a reflective or slightly shiny quality to materials which enhance the effect of the sun when it is turned on?


Is this an existing extension?

I can’t find it on the extension warehouse or Sketchucation.


That video is six years old. My guess is he never released the extension.


Not every prototype or demo makes a product that is a joy for end users. This was about how painting looks like, but SketchUp’s API does not offer possibilities to make it work well enough (as users would start to request). One more reason to have integrated tools that help manipulating raster graphics right on top of the geometry.

  • +1 more Layer tools. See this post further up thread.
    • select all in layer ? I guess it’s difficult with nested groups…
    • When I create a new layer, by default it is shown in all existing scenes. I would like to be able to quickly hide that layer in all (or some) existing scenes. I have mapped update scene to ‘shift-Q’ but it’s still tedious.
  • More intuitive management / folder system of styles, components, materials, etc… e.g. the process of saving custom collections & finding them in another model.
  • Fix Layout fog rendering, to match fog shown in SketchUp viewport (unless that’s just me).
  • Improve Layout performance in general (snappiness)


Fog. No it’s not just you.

And yes layout performance in general


Sketchup Dark mode in Mojave (MacOS) would be amazing.


I can’t believe I forgot to request this earlier. The eye dropped tool needs improvement. There should be an easier to way color match, without having to go through all the colors within a given model. I think the default setting incorporates environmental factors or something when using the eye dropped tool, but it’s never an exact match. Usually results in me having 50 shades of basically the same color, which makes things very unnecessarily complicated when you export the file into something like SketchFab and try to make adjustments to the textures individually.


on a mac it depends which eyedropper you use…



@john_drivenupthewall omitted to mention that you get the SketchUp material sampler version of the “eyedropper” by activating the paint-bucket tool and then holding down the command key while you click on a material or color. The eyedropper at the bottom of the materials inspector (aka “colors”) window is the macOS pixel color sampler.


OMG YES this is going to make my life so much easier!!! Thank you. Can’t believe how long I’ve been doing this the wrong way


Dear Sam, I also deal with nightmarish AutoCAD drawings with 300+ layers…

you must live in Shangrila :smile:

as I could never trust an Autocad drawing to be well organised…

layers names randomly chosen…

entities in wrong layers,

blocks inserted in one layer but their entities in others…

colours specified independently by colour, linetype…

splines… exploded hatches, dot linetypes… infinite and random linetypes

ridiculously excessive detail… screw head details in 1:100 architectural plans

xy coordinates in the millions

I try to tidy all that cr@p in Draftsight

then bring in what I need into SU…

put it all in layer 0, group it, put that in a DWGS layer and lock it

draw everything I need in pure SU

I learned long ago if you start with a cr@p base it will haunt you the entire project…

PS… all I wish is for true curve geometry handling in SU… the one serious weakness with SU/DWG exchange


Please give the opportunity to change the orientation of the sheets in the layout is necessary for the preparation of working documentation!!!