SketchUp 2017 does not start after evaluation period is up

after eval month was up with SketchUp 2016 I was still able to use the tool. with 2017 I get blocked at the startup screen with “Licensed To: SkectchUp Pro 2017 Trial User, Expired”. the only option provided is to exit or add a new license.

Will this be fixed or is there a workaround so I can continue with me designs?

I suspect that you did not install Make with its free Pro trial [when it reverts to Make at the end], but rather that you installed Pro - which expires after the trial, and then needs to be licensed or replaced by a new installation of Make…

You have two options.

  1. Buy a Pro license - which is needed if you intend to use SketchUp commercially.

  2. Download and install the Make version - which has a slightly reduced set of tools, that are regarded as only necessary for Pro users - and remember that Make is only for personal/non-commercial use…

This indicates you downloaded and installed SketchUp Pro instead of SketchUp Make, both of which include the 30-day trial period of Pro.

thanks. that was it. reinstalling with Make worked.