SketchUp 2015 Not responding when saving model


When i try to save a model,

SketchUp Make v 15.3.331 is saying Not responding.

I need to close ScetcUp Make becouse it is not responding, and i lose everything i created

I already did this,

  1. rebooted laptop
  2. reinstalling sketchup

Sketchup not responding when saving

this message is not created by SU but shown by the Windows Vista/7/8 Desktop Window Manager (DWM) after * iirc * 5 seconds if a programm is busy in doing something time consuming and therefore cannot respond to Windows events.

You can check what’s going on by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and opening the Windows “Task Manager”, do not kill SU until saving/exporting/importing lasts aeons… :wink:

Keep getting message Sketchup not responding

As a further note, the amount of time that SketchUp takes to save a model depends on the size and complexity of the model, and also can be affected by extensions you have installed. There is no set amount of time at which you can say with assurance that it will never finish. This makes it hard to be certain whether something fatal has really occurred.

As @sketch3d_de says, the message is a notice from Windows (Mac has similar) that the process has not responded to its “heartbeat” events for longer than some threshold.


Hi Jheijns1993, I am having the exact same issue, but I have SketchUp Pro 2014.
It goes to “not responding” every time I save, even when I’m just saving a sketch of a rectangle.
I use Win7 Enterprise 64-bit. I tried re-installing SU2014 twice, and also tried SU2015 64-bit, but nothing works.


As of vista MS has made a significant improvement of the task manager. Once open and have performance tab selected select the box at bottom right corner.( Resource monitor) It will bring up a screen where you can set wait chain analysis, read help file, and will show what SU is waiting or any other process for that matter.


Some time it is best to wait a bit, SU could be waiting on another process to complete.


Upload as private to 3dwarehouse, while you’re waiting.