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I have never had much use for Sketchucation (that is when it was free). I Need Fredo Scale however and it seems the only way to get it is to subscribe to Sketchucation. Maybe someone has some experience that would help me figure out what level to join at.

  • If I join for one month and buy the extensions I need will I still have them after the first month expires?

  • Does Sketchucation have a large library of tutorials, etc. behind a paywall? I don’t see all that much in the way of resources on their open pages.

The annual “Premium” subscription is much cheaper overall but I’d like to understand that I’m getting something useful. Most of the plugins I use are available through the Extension Warehouse. But I need to be able to scale geometry without distorting the pieces and Fredo Scale seems to be the only way.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

It is free to join.

Sketchucation is still free if you don’t want to become a Premium member. Nothing has changed about that.

No! You don’t have to subscribe to Sketchucation. If you aren’t already a member click on the button at the top of the page.

There are a lot of resources available for free or at a discount for paying members.

As for FredoScale, it is not free. There is a discount if you buy the bundle which includes 7 others of his very useful extensions.

There’s already someone with your user name and a email address who has been a member of Sketchucation since August 29, 2016. His last visit was on July 17 of last year. That person signed up for a free account. If that’s you, there’s no need to sign up again.

Speaking to Box not DaveR - sorry

I don’t have a problem with Sketchucation. I, like you I’m sure, have accumulated many, many subscriptions by know. I don’t mind paying for things I can use but it adds up. In rereading my original post it seemed clear that I asked two questions: Is there added value in a Premium Subscription? And; will use of the Fredo License end when a one month subscription to Sketchucations ends? I thought I was respectful (given my admittedly limited knowledge of SketchUp) and tried to be clear in what I hoped to get.

I do not live and breath SketchUp - but I have been able to use it to serve my purposes (no where near your level) with a lot of help from tutorials, online resources and when stumped, coming here. I was a little taken aback at being admonished for not being better at this given my years of engagement.

Whatever I said that got under your skin (in the first post) was certainly not my intent. I hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us. And let’s end this.


The reality is that Fredo6 has begun charging a small fee for his exceptional extensions. I think he’s correct in doing so. He is amazing. Pay the man. He deserves it.

It’s free to join. The $50 is for a premium membership which gives you some discounts and freebies.

There’s many more extensions if you look under the tabs along the top of Sketchucation. I think they reside under resources or store. Then
select Authors to open a significant list including Fredo6. Make sure you also install Libfredo, as it’s required for the other ext. to work. It’s free.

But first, when signed in to Sketchcucation, install the Sketchucation Store app. It is needed to manage the licensing for the Fredo apps and others.


Thank you cakrupp. I agree that the Fredo stuff is great after using a trial version last summer. Worth the $ for sure. Just got tripped up in the SketchUcation piece. All set now.

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Thanks RLGL. You got me over a couple of the SketchUcations hurdles with the install requirements. Looks like I’m good to go.

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Great. Happy to help. It didn’t occur to me to mention the Sketchucation app as l already have it.
Good luck

So the screenshot I posted showing the requirements for the extension isn’t visible?

What are you talking about, I have bought a and installed most of paid and free Fredo’s plug-ins and I’m not subscribed to sketchucation premium, you must have misunderstood something, it’s not necessary a subscription to be able to download plug-ins from sketchucation, some plug-ins require for licensing, to have installed the sketchucation extension store plugin which is also free.

you do realise this was explained a couple of days ago and jenordberg came back 2h ago to thank people for explaining it right ?


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It is, but who pays attention to details.:rofl:

Just to comment on this bit, this can also be done without extensions with just the move tool.

In the case of say a double hung window or a panel door, the scale tool stretches everything. If you make a window 120% taller the sill, rail & head pieces all become proportionally wider which messes up the detailing that I need to do in this case. FredoScale’s (I think it’s the box scale) tool allows you to stretch the vertical piece (which keep their horizontal dimensions) without distorting the horizontal pieces and vice versa. That’s what I’ve found anyway.

I know the move tool could rotate. I’ve never tried it for scaling but would think it works the same. Anyway - my 2 cents. Thanks for yours.

The Move tool is not used for scaling. It can be used to change the size of the window by selectively choosing edges and faces and moving the to stretch or shrink it.

I’m still head scratching over how my initial inquiry got so whacked into me trying to get something for nothing when I was trying to understand what a paid subscription offers that would be of use to me. Anyway, no slight intended. Thanks for your insight and help.

Yeh I get that but the geometry is too involved to have to scale it piece face by face, line by line. I’ve got the right tool for the job now - should be all set.