SketchUcation contacts

Have real big problem logging into Sketchucation. So trying to get help here ! I have registered twice with differents emails etc. When I login in just get message ‘email and password do not match or not registered’ . Do not know how to contact admin just wand to use Sketchucation.

Any hepl would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

There’s a list of directors at the bottom of its main page - under Contacts - send me an email, with the email addess[es] & username[s] you want to use…

Thank you Its done.

I have replied to an email from someone I guess was you, because of the gjd connection, although nothing else matched up…
My emailed instructions should let you log-in, or failing that you need to email me again so our IT dept can manually reset things on our server…


Yes it was me ! Sorry about the lack of correlated info. Have also tracked down my problem. and can now login as per your instructions. Thank you for the help. Graham

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