Sketch up materials/textures not showing in final Twilight render

I have applied wood materials/textures to the floors of the room, but they are not showing in the final Twilight render. I understand that this has something to do with the component materials vs face material, but I’m not sure how I can adjust this…

Show us your model in SketchUp with the face style set to Monochrome. If I had to guess I would say you’ve got the faces reversed.


Gosh, that took me about 3h to figure out, but you are right. I reversed the faces of the material and it shows up now.
Thank you!

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It’s a good habit to make sure all faces are correctly oriented as you go. Avoid applying materials until you know the faces are correct. No back faces should be visible in 3D objects. some folks make the back face color for their default style really obnoxious so it’s easy to see and reminds you to fix it. I use a green that I wouldn’t typically use in my modeling.


DaveR is spot on with his comments. Another thing I notice is your Twilight point lights are huge , that can also lead to problems. Posting a link to Twilight Forum page where you can check out the tutorials… Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks - Twilight Render User Forum


When I make visualizations, I usually don’t put too much effort into light, because I just want to make the image visible and somewhat professional. As you said, I just add like 2-3 lights to save time, but I’ll definitely look into this.
When I reversed the faces and rendered the image, the right side was still was very light , so I ended up correcting the texture and color of the wood in photoshop, which probably didn’t save me time at all, haha
Thank you for the link, I’ll look into it!

Glad you’re figuring things out. On an unrelated note, it appears that some of your furniture is floating. :slight_smile: Any easy fix for even more realism

Hi Dave, I have tried reversing the face and my wood texture still won’t appear in Render. Can you suggest anything else that will help. Would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Your screen shot shows some reversed faces in your model. Evidently you haven’t applied materials to those faces.

As I asked the OP, show your model with the Face Style set to Monochrome so the orientation of the other faces can be seen.

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All those blue faces are back faces. You need to correct those and put the materials on the white front faces.

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I’m brand new to rendering my drawings so am in the deep end. I appreciate your time.

Ahh amazing


This face orientation problem is common with new users. It generally comes from using the wrong workflow in creating the geometry, often not using groups and components, and it isn’t helped by adding materials early in the modeling process because the materials hide the problems.

It looks to me as if in your model you drew the footprint of the space and use Push/Pull to make the “walls”. Then you added the section cut. If you start by giving the floor thickness and use Offset to outline the walls, you can raise them without having any reversed faces.

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Very good.

Thanks a million, I’ve never known about front and back faces tbh. Really appreciate that again mate.

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You’re a legend! Brilliant tips! Again, really appreciate it.

Thank you.