Sketch up for Schools - keep receiving 'needs permission' message on login

I have been trying to set up S.U. for schools via our local authority. I received a confirmation email from our local authority admin to say Skatch up now has permission and I can download and login using my Microsoft/school email.
However, when I downloaded the app and used my credentials to log in, I still received:
permission message
Our business manager is in touch with our local authority but as yet we don’t seem to be able to solve the problem. Can anyone help?

@Steve_Ketchup ideas?

Have exactly the same issue here - did you manage to resolve this?

I know permissions for this were accepted as a global admin so no entirely sure whats occurring.
Also, does anyone know of a way to revoke these permissions if required in the future?

I’m getting the same thing and have posted a few times with no response. K-12 schools have been offered to be whitelisted so I’m guessing if you are higher ed, they will not allow it. You have to purchase the extra licenses which…with everything else we have to upgrade to provide online learning…we won’t be able to do. Sad since we already have the Microsoft licensing. We have courses that offer Sketchup and already own lab licenses so we will find a way to use what we have.