Sketch up for school / Office 365


We are experiencing some strange issues. We are an Office 365 site and being an admin I have given rights to access the security as per the instructions.

I have rebuilt our IT lab with the latest version of Windows 10 and Chrome.

It is odd, a classroom of 20 students - 17 will SSO through fine and 3 will not.

The login screen goes grey and it looks like it is trying to access the authenticator, but it does not come up.

I tried on another browser and it did the same thing.

I then tried in an incognito session, this did bring up the Office 365 / G Suite login options.

I authenticated through fine, but then it gave me an error at the end and put me back to the login page.

We also use a content filter onsite, do we need to whitelist anything, really odd this issue?

Thanks for your help and thoughts in advance.

Richy Gogin

All students logged in this week, it must have been an issue with security not propagating around 365.