Sketchup for Schools Pupil login failure

Good afternoon.
I have used Sketchup in school for a few years but currently my pupils receive a login error when logging into the web version.
We are using O365 accounts.
My account works fine.
Our domain is .
Kind regards.

Hi @gwootten, thanks for the post. I went ahead and added you to the database to rule out any issues on our end just to be sure, although if you are using a Microsoft login that should not be needed.

If the admin account is working, it pretty much rules out a firewall issue and points me to a few potential different issues that we can investigate.Try clearing cached files and cookies on a student account and then attempt to log in again. If we are lucky, that is all that we will need to do. If we are not lucky, we may need to re-deploy the app and adjust permissions to make sure everything is fresh so we can do some detailed troubleshooting. Hopefully it does not come to that.