Sketch up designer needed

Have found someone to help… thanks everyone

If you’re a beginner and can’t get things going you’re definitely not going to cope making changes to a model that someone else built using proper structuring and modeling techniques

spend some time and learn the software

I do this type of modeling on a regular basis for a variety of clients. How long it will take me to deliver a SketchUp model to you will depend on the quality of the input you provide, on the level of detail you want in the finished model, on how you intend to use the SketchUp model … and to some lesser degree, the size/complexity of the house.
As @Julian_Smith points out … if I were to deliver a model that is organized to facilitate the generation of construction documents in Layout … as a beginner you might be very frustrated trying to make any changes. But if all you want (need) is a model that enables you to “play” with the design … then that model would be organized very differently.
If you want to read up on this topic, I suggest you checkout a book by Nick Sonder, an architect that uses SketchUp and Layout exclusively: SketchUp & Layout for Architecture
Contact me directly if you would like to see some examples … and to pursue this in more detail.

Hey there, Danny! I sent you a private message.

Where are you based?

I’m not sure whom you’re asking in this case, but I personally am based outside the US, in a small European country called Bulgaria, though I regularly do work with US-based clients.