"Sketch This" Kitchen Cab. Design - Source?

Arron recently featured KBIS - Eric Schimelpfenig’s “Sketch This” Kitchen cabinet design extension software for Sketchup. I wanted more information, and maybe to but this extension, so I tried to go to www.sketchthis.net, and received the following message:
This website may be impersonating app.sketchthis.net to steal your personal or financial information - go back!

Is this a legitimate web site? Is it safe?
Does anyone have this extension? How did you obtain it?

I don’t get that message but in the location bar where there is normally a padlock icon to say that a website is secure there is an exclamation mark.

Clicking on that says that the website is not secure.

I suspect there’s a problem with the site’s SSL…

Thanks Paul,
Sorry for the big delay in response … I had to move on to other things …!

Has anyone informed @ericschimel of the problem? (If it is his site, his profile links to another)

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I just sent him an Invite to this topic late last night.

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Thanks Dan!
I’ll check back here to see if Eric has any update/comments.

Hey all! Sorry for not seeing this one… We did a whole new site and had to move hosts and such. I can promise you that it’s all safe. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help

So what’s it caused by, … a redirect ?

OK …
Thanks Eric, … but … you say “whole new site … and such”, so what is this new “safe” site address?
Please give us the new link!

It’s the same link, we were just changing DNS stuff behind the scenes. Same address, new site, all HTTPS now.

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Thanks Eric!

No problem! Sorry for all that (and for missing your messages early on!)

Where can I find this “Sketch This” Kitchen Cabinet Design Extension?

The extension lives here: SketchThis Kitchen Design Plugin 2020 | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

And you can also find it/sign up for it at www.sketchthis.net. You’ll still need to install the extension from the Warehouse.

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