Sketch Make Licence error


I have installed and uninstalled the latest version of Skecthup Make several times. This included deleting the SketchUp 2015 folder in C: /Program Data folder in Win 7. I still get this popup message:

" Sketch up can not start due to a license error."

I don’t even get to opening screen. Can some one please help me get past Trimmbles over complicated licence protocol so I can give there program a fair try?

Thank you

SketchUp Make (x64) license error

right-click and do a “Run as Admin…” for enabling SU to write the license information to the appropriate user folder of the operating systen.

if this doesn’t help, download and install (preferably w/ admin rights) the SU Pro version which will provide you a 30 days trial.


I tried both of these and neither worked. I managed to get Sketchup to work by installing it on a new user account. It is very inconvenient needing to log on as a different user every time I want to Use Skethup.

Is there perhaps a Win7 Permission issue or a rogue registery key that can be tweaked? Thanks for helping!