Skalp & Buildedge not working in SU 2015


Just installed 2015 and gave it a try for a couple of hours. Skalp and Buildedge have been installed, are showing in the extensions list but do not show up in the interface at all. Any other plugins found to be non-working in 2015?


All extensions list their version compatibility on Extension warehouse. Here’s all of the 2015 compatible extensions.

Build Edge is not yet 2015 compatible.

Skalp should be compatible but you may have found a bug. I’m sure the Skalp team will see this soon and ask you for more info.



The Skalp version 1.0.0286 on the extension warehouse works on SU 2015 (but there is a bugsplat in switching scenes). In a couple of hours there will be an update on our website with a fix for this bug. You can install 1.0.0286 and the update will be automatically.

Don’t copy Skalp from a SketchUp 2014 plugin folder to SketchUp 2015 you need to install Skalp from scratch!