Skalp and 2018 keeps crashing my machine


Skalp is causing havoc for me when I use it with SketchUp 2018!
It worked just fine before I upgraded. Any suggestions?


Did you install SketchUp correctly using Run as administrator from the installer’s right click Context menu?


I am pretty sure I did. I’m of course under deadlines when this happens. I was trying to update the scene to send to layout. Everytime I try it on this scene in particular it freezes for 30-40 min.


Make sure you did. Close SketchUp and do it now. Choose the Repair option. It can’t hurt and if you didn’t do it before, SketchUp isn’t installed correctly. Make sure you have the latest version of Skalp, too.

FWIW, the Not Responding message doesn’t indicate a crash. It means that there’s a process going on and you need to wait for it to complete.


I’m in the middle of reinstalling it now. Is there a 64 bit version of 2018?

Also I realize the process happening but I have sent in many BugSplat notices in the last few days.
This hanging up thing is bizarre because it only happens on scene A. All of the other scenes either work or crash.
By the way I love this program. I have been with it since the first version.


There is only a 64-bit version of SketchUp 2018.

You might try disabling Skalp at least temporarily and see if the hanging up quits.


Wow, got excited there for a minute. It was working fast and beautifully and then this!


See this thread re: Visual C++ Runtime error


Is Skalp ok to run in Sketchup 2018??


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