Sk 2018 section cuts

Hi community - just got 2018 pro - v happy however is there a way to introduce graphics or lines that can represent the materials that is being cut. i am asking primarily from an architectural perspective. example brick or block work or timber hatching.
any assistance will be appreciated.
thank you.

Currently you can only set a color using the native Section Fill setting. You can create a Group from slice and complete the face before applying a material or you could use TIG’s Add Section Cut Face to create faces at the section cut and apply textures to the faces.

Hi ya’ll, I’m pretty stoked on the section fill feature, I had been using TIG’s Add Section Cut Face before, and was quite happy with that too.

I’m trying to use section fill in SU2018, but some wall sections are not filling. I found this “trouble shoot section fill” option after right-clicking on the section plane, and it seems to identify some trouble corners, similar as ACAD would do with a hatch.

01 PM

51 PM

Does anyone know how to identify/resolve these trouble points? What are they? The TIG Add Section Cut Face works fine for the same geometry, so is it an internal Sketchup glitch?

Otherwise props to SU on all the new section features.

Without seeing the model, the best we can do is guess! Can you share your .SKP file?

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