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Hi, all Sketchup-Layout knowers!
I have some issue/question about tiling walls and floor in Sketchup, then showing their sizes into Layout. The way Im creating tiles as a material in Sketchup is using “Combine Texture” where specific tile’s size is made together with specific seam width. So I get walls covered with tiles and seam together and its really easy to work with “Texture” - “Position” option to change tile placement if its needed. But the problem is when in Layout I need to put a measures on those tiled walls - its impossible to stick to tiles or their seam’s. So I need to put every measure manually on every tile because Layout isnt recognising tile seams and doesnt show boundries between tile and seams. Is there some solution? Maybe there is some Style i need to change or even change the way Im creating tiles as a material to show measures in Layout ?

Thanks a lot!

LayOut won’t snap to the edges of material tiles. There needs to be actual geometry or some sort of intersections. You could put guidelines in to create intersections where you need them. Or, in LayOut, on a layer above the one the viewport is on, you could draw a rectangle to the correct dimensions using the Scaled Drawing feature. Dimension that rectangle and then turn off Fill and make the Stroke color transparent.

Just to add another idea…

You could model the tile at size with it’s borders as a detail and then create a scrapbook that you pull into that page for reference.

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Thank you very much! I will try your suggestions.

Thank you very much! Now I know how to make my own scarpbook! Maybe you know the reason why my tile scrapbook is hiding behind not on my layout scene ?

Do you mean the item you dragged in from the scrapbook is behind the viewport? Probably the thing’s on the layer under the one the viewport is on.

Yes, thanks! So how can I fix this ? Same situation is happening in scale drawing process. I know that I need to lock and unlock some layers, but I dont understand which layer should be unlocked and which should be locked.

Sorry for the delay. I was working with an online student.

Make a layer higher in the Layers list the active one. That will make whatever you put on it show above the viewport layer.

It’s not really about locking or unlocking layers. Locking just prevents you from making changes to the content on the layer. It’s all about layer order. Entities on layers higher in the Layers list will appear overentities on layers lower in the list. For example, in my LO file here, the labels are all on the Art Text layer while the viewport is on the Viewport1 layer. So the leaders of the labels that cross over parts of the model show in front of the model and not behind it.

Thank You, now it worked out! But still, I need to scale draw every single line - tile seam - above my viewport to make geometry for measuring or I need to put every tile from scarpbook. For me as an interior designer when i got a lot of tiling thats a too many manually work to do. And also a big risk to make imprecise drawing too. Is there any other more automatised options left ?

I’d like to see exactly what you’re doing. You shouldn’t need to dimension every tile but even if you do, you can create an array of lines in LayOut when creating the scaled drawing so you don’t need to draw every line.

I expect there’s a better way to create your SketchUp model in the first place to do what you are trying to do. Can you share your LayOut file? Send it to me in a PM if you don’t want to make it public. If it’s larger than 16 Mb or so, upload it to DropBox and share the link.