Single stroke font in Layout (Mac)

I’m trying to match the font from an imported dwg drawing from AutoCAD, either in SU or Layout, Any suggestions of how to do that? Could it be done with a single stroke font/single line font? If Yes, any suggestions of where to get one?


You can use Adobe Capture on your phone to get close. This one is the closest I could see, though the zero on your one is skinnier:


It looks like DIN EN ISO3098.
The font named ‘OsiFont’ might be a good bet.
Look at it…
It’s a free TTF ?

I’ll have to check, but if you have AutoCad, it should have installed equivalents of its SHX fonts, at least it used to.

You could try “what the font” and drop the image in there, it tries to find the equivalent font.

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