Single Section Cut/Plane w/90 degree (SU 2019)

When I first saw this image In the 2019 announcement… thought perhaps a single section plane was used…a feature I recall seeing asked for…so is it so?
I still haven’t installed 2019 yet…perhaps tomorrow and then my silly questions will abate. (I promise)

Two separate section cuts, Charlie.

FAIK only one active section plane (flat, no angles) per level. So you still need to use groups to get an inside or outside corner cut off.

Thanks guys…& Ratz…oh well.

So this is two section places each in a different context or group?

Would need access to the model to know for sure.
Model is simple enough and more than likely just “cut” with regular planes and the part of the structure you are not seeing is on/in its own group/layer. (turned off)
The fill in yellow is also likely on its own layer/group and just painted (not active section plane color)

Probably yes. If you copy a group or component in its exact same location, you can give each of them their own active section plane (90 degrees between planes). And with section fill (yellow) on you can get what is shown in the image above.

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