Is there a way to activate multiple sectionplanes cutting one entity or one group of entities?

Hi All,

Anyone has an ideal to activate multiple sectionplanes that can form a clip box.
Something similar to this:

Yes but the section planes need to be in different contexts.
For example, one of them can be within the group being sectioned.
The other active section plane could be at the model level.

Basically, a SectionPlane object is a Drawingelement subclass, and can exist one or more times, within an Entities collection. Only one of them can be active for each Entities collection.

The model has an Entities collection, as well as each Group and ComponentDefinition object. So every group, and component in the model could have an active section plane, along with numerous others that are not active.

If you do not want to section the whole model, just to cut a component or group again, then wrap the object in an outer group, and add a section plane to this group wrapper. adjust it as needed, and make it active. (The other section plane would be inside the inner group.)

Be careful of components. It is the definition that owns the entities collection. If a section plane is added to it’s entities, then all instances of that component will have the section plane.

Thanks DanRathbun,

If I want to cut one group with multiple sectionplane, is it possible? I
have tried to do the following but no success.

  1. add sp0 to group0
  2. then make group1 containing (sp0 & group0)
  3. then add new sp1 to group1 to try to cut the same collection of
    entities. but the visualization is not correct. the part sectioned by sp0
    is visible, although both sp0 and sp1 is activated.

I have tried with more sectionplanes, no success. I did somthing like: (sp5
(sp4 (sp3 (sp2 (sp1 (sp0, g0)))))) .

Try this link. It will take you to a tutorial on using multiple section planes