Simulating bandsaw cuts on curved surfaces

I am using sketchup to develop a sketch of how to do curved (woodworking) joinery using a router and templates. A common technique is to create a template, draw a line on the work piece using the template, bandsaw outside the line (1/16"-1/8") and use flush trim bit to produce the final shape. It would be helpful to have a graphical representation of a free-hand bandsaw cut prior to applying the flush trim cut. For straight line cuts, i created the attached graphic.

simulated bandsaw + flush trim.skp (234.8 KB)
I am having trouble figuring out how to extend the straight line bandsaw cut approach to curved surfaces. Since this will be done on several templates, I would prefer a technique that could be applied to many templates of different configurations. Thanks for your assistance.

Maybe I’m missing something but I would copy the curve from the pattern and paste it on the “work”. Then use Offset on the curve if you want to show the excess after bandsawing. I wouldn’t bother showing a rough cut from the bandsaw like your “straight” version shows.

Like this. I used keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Paste in Place, Offset, and Push/Pull. It helps to weld the edges of the curve first.
copy curve

You could insinuate the rough-sawn edge with a texture. Here I used Sketchy Lines Wavy Vertical with the size reduced to 1/4".

Or combine that texture with a plywood edge texture in your favorite image editor.

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DaveR: As usual you have a solution. I had thought of a texture but dismissed it without actually trying it. I was unaware of the extent of textures available and the fact that there was control over the pattern size. Thanks much.

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