Profiling a curved surface in a tube


Modelling a log building and can’t figure out how to profile the end of a log with a curved surface.

Top is 3d log, bottom diagram is a 2d profile that I wish create on the log end.



Draw another log at right angles to the original and use either Intersect Faces with or the Solid Tools to chop it out of the end of the original. Depending on the size of the log you might have to scale up first to avoid small edges getting lost.


One way would be to draw the cutout shape as a cutter and use Intersect Faces followed by the eraser.

If you are trying to detail the logs where they join the neighboring wall, Solid Tools could be a good option. From the shape of the cutout, however, it looks more like you are trying to detail the end of the log not notch for another log. If you are using components for the logs, don’t use the native Solid Tools. Instead, use Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools so you don’t convert the components to groups.


You have Pro so solid tools can make this a breeze. Just overlap and cut as the others suggested.


Thanks … My first post, this program and community never fail to amaze me

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