SU for schools, How to trim?


Hello, I want to trim off all the log siding off my toy log cabin. The gable end is a group. Then I drew a log siding piece on bottom of gable end and copied it up bunch of times. It’s not part of the gable end group. I tried selecting the gable end and log siding, then Intersect Faces, With Selection, but it didn’t work. What is the best way to trim off all the log siding pieces that are too long? Should log siding and gable end piece been all one group? thank you, Mike

Log Cabin.skp (169.8 KB)


You need to enter each group to edit it, triple click to select all the logs geometry, then Intersect Faces With Model. This will give you the edges you need to delete the overhang. Then draw in one edge to fill in the cut face.


A small variation of Box’s solution:
Copy the two faces to the clipboard, paste in place in those groups, do the intersection and cleaning. The two endfaces are created this way imediately.


That is a good way too @Cotty but the downside is you have to paste in place before you can intersect, then you have to delete the cutting faces by carefully selecting all but the end faces each time. My way is a triple click delete once and two edges drawn in on each. Both are good, purely personal preference.


hello again. thank you for your help. I’m not sure how you created the gable end extra wide X shape . The gable end was a group. Did you modify the gable end to create the X shape that bisected the half round logs? If so, how? thanks, mike


I just drew them in place using the gable as a reference.
Here it is in SU Web using the rotated rectangle tool.
Then a copy rotate for the second one.


Not sure if reply to correct person. I’m new at this. Thank you for your help second time. I created the X shape for cutting planes and followed rest of the steps. Now ends of log cabin siding trimmed off. Thank you. Mike