Simplyfiy large/complex .skb files to work well in andriod viewer

I have a few large files with like 200+ objects. It wosks nicely in SU.
However, these files are far to large to be handled by my phone in SU Veiwer for android.

Is there a simple workflow to make the .skp file smaller?
like export the visible content of a scene to a new file, rather then then tidious deleting objects in groups and subgroups?

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You could select wat you want to bring to your phone and copy, then paste it in a new file…
By the way, .skb files are backup files. You want .skp files…

Thank’s! .skp of course!
If I select I’ll get all of the contents of the objects, includig the supressed ones.

What do you mean by supressed ones?

The not visilble ones.

You should be able to select only what you want! That is basic SketchUp skills…

Did you hide them? Or maybe turned off the visibility of the tag…
Or do you mean that they are behind something else that you are trying to select?

If I make a multipe select i’ll only will get objects in the same level in the outliner hierarcy, the subobjects are also selected.

By subobjects, do you mean nested groups or components?
If that’s the case this is expected behaviour. If you select a group or component, it selects everything in it.
You cannot pick up a box without picking up its content too!

Yes, I meen the nested objects. And that’s perfectly expected behaveior . Thank’s!
Yet, I can create a scene with “cross selections” between objects and subobjets, but not make a similar .skp file in the same simple manner?

I’m not sure what you mean, how do you make the scene with only one of the two visible?

You can use the Curic f2a (Flatten to object) plugin and explode all the nested groups/components and be left with only one group level, and assign the ones you don’t want to a tag and hide them. Then select only what is visible and copy it to another file, and for the current file do not save the changes.


.skb it’s a backup extension file. Look for .skp file.

Assign a tag to it, hide/unhide, with curic deep select we can filter our selections for exemple edges, components and locked. But not by my whish: by scene or by visible.

It will cut the workload by half!

Yet, in my way to see it in my head, the work is allready made by creating a scene. Scenes function was not made for my thought functionallity, I understand. So that’s what we have plugins and ruby console for, to overcome shortcomings of SU.