Simple bird table practice


Seen as though the colder months are approaching, I chose a simple bird table for this afternoons sketching. Very easy to make and serves its purpose…

EDIT- Whoops, got distracted and forgot the roof cap, its on there now!


I’m wondering if there will be a single bird who used the hole as the entrance :wink:


Fat birds definitely not, but I would call it more “artistic decoration”. :grinning:


Perhaps you need an Enter Here sign.
No doubt that would work just like the Deer/Wombat/Frog crossing signs.
I’ve never understood why they tell animals to cross in such dangerous places. Why don’t they give them a crossing where there are no cars.


Newer bird feeder designs try to prevent the spread of diseases by preventing the birds from walking in the fodder.


Just for fun, taking the feedback into account…


Had another tinker with ideas of the feedback. This one has the infamous hole removed, a mesh feeder added and also a dowelled floor to avoid the standing water problem…


Somehow it makes me think of something else used during the French revolution.
Don’t know why though.


I think you’d struggle to get your head through, though…


Great idea to go with the dowels. I like this revision a lot!