Entryway Bench With Sink

This was designed for the entryway of a home in North Carolina. The owner is an artist who makes, among other things, ceramic sink bowls. This piece was designed to be made from wood from a tree on the property and features one of his sinks.

And the finished piece,


I know the sewer is in there behind the vertical board but still the optical illusion of no sewer is almost perfect. I understand that conjurors do it with mirrors…


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you’re right. It is back there but I didn’t want to leave too much air space behind the panel. The shelf and the panel lift out providing clear access to the plumbing when needed.

not if the basins a Philippe Starck design without an outlet…

they’re designed make people more water usage conscious…


Because the water over flows and runs into their shoes? :smiley:


Very nice Dave, both the drawing and the finished piece.

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