Importing Kohler's skp model



Why does my Kohler sink import into my kitchen drawing with all its extra lines? How do I turn off these edges for this component only so that the rest of my model’s components don’t lose theirs?

This is what I want it to look like but the next picture shows how it comes in when I import it.


Just turn off hidden geometry


THANK YOU mics_54. That worked well enough for what I need. Sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees…lol.


I would run ThomThom’s CleanUp3 on it. I expect you’ll find there’s a bunch of unneeded edges. CleanUp3 will help to lighten the component.


Excellent! I’ll give it a shot! Thanks DaveR.


You’re welcome.

FWIW, I hunted up what I think is the sink you chose. The downloaded size is 4.2 Mb. After cleanup was run I ended up with 2.7Mb.


Nice! The other Kohler sink in the model came in black. I suppose there is an obvious fix to this as well?

(Just so you know exactly what I did.) I opened a new SU template to import the Kohler product right from 3Dwarehouse, then I fix it to the way I want it to look, save it as…name.skp and then import it into my final project model.


Yes. You could delete the material from the In Model materials.

Question: what color do you have for back faces in your style?

That’s a good way to work with components from the Warehouse and other sites as well.

FWIW, by deleting the unneeded outer skin on the bottom and sides of the sink, I got the file size on this one down to 2.5 Mb.


Back faces??? Not sure. But I don’t have back edges clicked on. This is what I have so far by clicking reversing faces.

As you can see from my screenshot, the extensions is still trying to download. So I am trying other things in the meantime.


That looks perfect!


OK. In that screen shot the sink appears to have a material applied to it. If you don’t want to use that at all, you can delete it by going to the Materials window, setting it to In Model by clicking on the little dog house icon and then find the material. Right click on the square and choose Delete. It’ll warn you that it is replacing the material with the default.

Your style’s back face color is the default blue gray as shown in the thumbnail at the top left of the Styles window. I use a green so that accounts for the green on the sides and bottom of the sink.


Ah. Thank you for explaining this to me. I appreciate it so much.


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